Residential heritage

On the domain Boterberg in Kalmthout the outbuildings of the castle with the same name were renovated into seven dwellings.


Onroerenderfgoedprijs, winner - 2017


completed - 2016




1.288,5 m²


ETxE bvba


Klaas Adriaensen, Hans Christian, Evert Crols, Hanne De Vos, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Sebastiaan Leroy, Margot Proesmans, Charlotte Stes, Toya Verstrepen

In collaboration with

B-bis architecten

The caretaker’s house and the barn are now a double house. The former stables for the cows, pigs and horses have been turned into one-family houses. All these buildings belong to the government protected cultural heritage and are situated in a nature reserve. This means the volumes and the outer walls have to be safeguarded.
The basic shell of the units was dealt with in a common project. This allowed the creation of unity in the cluster of buildings.

All habitants share the rest of the wide, green and forested domain that offers a swimming pond, an orchard and a vegetable garden. The castle itself houses a department of a psychological center, a graphic design agency and guest rooms.

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