Ter Borcht castle

Residential heritage , Public heritage , Research

The restoration of a castle and its surroundings.


1st prize


completed - 2022




Municipality of Meulebeke


Gert Brulmans, Mieke Goegebuer, Katrien Houben, Rudiger Janssens, Anton Witdouck

Over the years, the historic Ter Borcht castle has become a well-known local landmark in the municipality of Meulebeke. However, the castle has undergone several non-historical additions and a thorough restoration of both the castle (exterior and interior) and the surrounding elements (bridges, fences, turrets) became necessary. The castle and its park are to be restored to their former glory. At the request of the municipality, the castle will be opened to the inhabitants of Meulebeke by converting it into offices for the municipal services and ceremonial spaces, supported by a catering establishment. Over a series of phases, B-juxta conducted research with different parties such as the municipality, the Agency for Real Estate Heritage, engineering firms and contractors to find the right balance between old and new, with respect to the castle’s heritage.

In 2008, B-juxta was appointed as the architectural studio responsible for the various works at the castle. These works were divided into different phases according to their urgency. They include the maintenance of the roofs and turrets and security works on the bell gables (1), restoration of the roofs, end walls, bridge turrets and the turrets themselves (2), restoration of the façades, bridges, roofs of the sacristy and chapel (3) and the restoration and repurposing of the interior (4). B-juxta also drew up the heritage management plan for the entire castle.

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