Old Town Hall Assenede

Public heritage

Complete restoration of the Old Town Hall in Assenede. Both the exterior and the interior were restored, including the execution of the technical equipment.


completed - 2024




590 m²


municipality of Assenede


Rudiger Janssens, Mathias Vandepitte

The Old Town Hall towers as an imposing eye-catcher on Assenede's market square. It was originally built as the alderman's house of the Ambacht Assenede in 1771. Between 1942 and 1943 it underwent a thorough restoration, during which it was extended at the back.

The restoration carried out by B-juxta was divided into two different phases, according to the urgency of the works. In a first phase (2016), the balcony was supported and the roof spire dismantled. The restorative campaign started in 2022 and provided for the actual restoration of the entire building. This involved tackling both the outer shell and the interiors. We paid extra attention to the restoration of the roof spire, the necessary optimisation of the balcony and the associated stability works of the front façade.

During the restoration, we took the users' wishes into account, without losing the existing historical heritage values. At the same time, we paid attention to integrating sustainable technical installations and making the building accessible to the public.

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