Restoration of six monuments

Public heritage , Residential heritage

Restoration of six monuments in Blankenberge.


1st prize


in design




city of Blankenberge


Sylvie Lamsens, Jolein Vervoort

One of the six monuments is the iconic Paravang, a belle-époque design from 1908 that recalls elite coastal tourism at the beginning of the 20th century. The structure consists of a windbreak with benches and overlooks the marina and Leopold Park. Its neo-Gothic style with exotic influences makes it look somewhat oriental.

The other monuments to be restored by B-juxta in Blankenberge are:

  • Kerkstraattrap or Leeuwentrap: one of the three stone stairs that give out onto the seawall. B-juxta was also in charge of the restoration of the Weststraattrap (completed in 2020).
  • Moedersmart & Ereperk De Plicht, an urban cemetery with memorial.
  • Library, the Former State Secondary School. The building is an exponent of one of the 50 state schools that were allowed to be established in Belgium by Royal Decree in 1881 after a heated school battle that raged from 1879 to 1884.
  • BEC, an assembly of originally four narrow bel-etage civic houses in mirror plan, built in 1894.
  • Benne, the former post building of 1885, framing the development of the seawall and the district for newly rich bathers in the east of Blankenberge. The construction of Blankenberge's first Casino (1884-1886) on the seawall and that of the post building roughly coincided.

Our assignment will start with the research and analysis of these monuments, on the basis of which the various restoration needs will be determined. From there, we will follow up the execution of all restoration works until final completion.

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