Belfort & Lakenhallen Ieper

Public heritage

A thorough restoration of the Belfry tower and historic façades.


1st prize


phase 1 (Belfry tower): completed - 2022

phase 2 (West wing and 1/2 Coomans wing): completed - 2023

phase 3 (east wing Belfry tower): under construction




City of Ypres


Mieke Goegebuer, Mathias Vandepitte, Anton Witdouck

In collaboration with

ÁRTER architects


Ever since the Middle Ages, the image of the Grote Markt in Ypres has been determined by the imposing Belfry and the adjoining cloth halls. After the First World War left the West Flemish town in ruins, it was decided to completely reconstruct this iconic monument based upon historical plans. Today, the building techniques used at the time have revealed their shortcomings.

B-juxta, together with ARTER, was commissioned to carry out an in-depth restoration of this monument. The works include a number of major challenges such as a complete replacement of the internal concrete structures, a brand new wooden spire and a total façade cleaning. All of this should preserve the cloth halls and Belfry – the Ypres icon par excellence – for many generations to come.

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