Roeselare Town Hall

Public heritage

The extension of the Roeselare town hall was the trigger to focus the building again on the Grote Markt.


Publica Award, category 'Climate responsibility' - 2023

Belgian Construction Award, category 'circular building' - 2021


1st prize


under construction






City of Roeselare


10.000 m²


Caroline Arts, Kristina Buzaityte, Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Harout Haleblian, Dion Lobregt, Inês Lourenço, Zuzana Pùcha

In collaboration with

Bressers Erfgoed, Arcadis, Atelier Arne Deruyter


On the Grote Markt, a transparent entrance will be created between the historic town hall and the belfry. This entrance will lead directly to the atrium. The rear elevations of the historic town hall and the belfry will again be visible from the atrium. As a result, the historic town hall will be seen in a new light as an imposing free-standing building.

A new building for the administration will be erected along the Botermarkt. The historic buildings will connect to the new building by means of a transparent atrium, which will become the central meeting area. In and along the atrium, counters, self-service desks and meeting rooms will be built.

The new construction volume is brought visually to the scale of the surrounding area by means of various terraces and roof gardens. The warm beige shade of the façades is a nod to the natural stone of the historic town hall. A public garden will be built in the inner area, which can be reached by cutting through Zuidstraat and Botermarkt. The garden has the potential to become a pleasant space for local residents, visitors and staff alike.

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