Weststraat stairway

Public heritage

Investigation of a water problem and restoration of a monumental staircase within an integrated sanitary block. The monumental staircase that serves as a junction between Weststraat and Zeedijk was thus restored to its former glory.


1st prize


completed - 2020




300 m²


City of Blankenberge


Mieke Goegebuer, Gitte Janssens, Sylvie Lamsens

The monument-protected Weststraat Staircase in Blankenberge is an iconic staircase that provides access to the city's seafront. The original wooden staircase from 1882 was replaced some 40 years later by a monumental stone staircase, equipped with public toilets on the ground floor. Since the last restoration campaign in 1999, the building suffered from excessive water infiltration and the washroom became unusable.

B-juxta was appointed to investigate the water problems and carry out the necessary restoration work. The restoration design provides, on the one hand, a completely new sealing of the building, so that water infiltration and/or stagnation is avoided in the future. On the other hand, the building was restored to its former glory and made the sanitary block usable again.

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