St Peter's Abbey


A management and master plan define a new future vision for St Peter's Abbey.


1st prize


completed - 2021




21.000 m²


City of Ghent


Parochie Onze Lieve Vrouwkerk Sint-Pieters, Gentse Wijnbouwers- en Wijnmetersgilde vzw, IVA Historische Huizen Gent, Kunst-in-Huis Kunstuitleen vzw, International Club of Flanders vzw, Kompas vzw, Kring Politie Officieren Gent, De wereld van Kina: Het Huis, Oude Koninklijke Gilde Sint-Rochus vzw, Koninklijke Academie Union-Sandeman vzw, Geuzenhuis - Vrijzinnig Laïciserend Centrum Gent vzw


Irene Aldea, Gert Brulmans, Mieke Goegebuer, Sylvie Lamsens, Lara Schothorst

In collaboration with

Casbo GCV, Buro Bossaert

The impressive St Peter's Abbey in Ghent was probably founded at the end of the seventh century, but only really came into its own in the ninth century as a Benedictine monastery. Throughout the centuries, the site has known periods of development and decay and has had several uses. At present, the imposing monastery is used as a museum and office for IVA Historic Houses Ghent, among other things.

We were commissioned to draw up a heritage management plan and masterplan for the site, which includes the church, the monastery, the brewery, the casemates, the stables and the garden. For the heritage management, the challenge was to review the many different construction periods. Each time, the question arose as to which historical phase we should return to. The masterplan reconciles the historical character of the site with the contemporary requirements for, among other things, accessibility and sustainability.

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