Gangway Pier

Public heritage

Heritage management plan and restoration of the pier on Blankenberge beach.


1st prize


under construction




3.300m² (gangway), 1.945m² (abutment)


City of Blankenberge


Sacha Brabant, Gert Brulmans, Jan De Kesel, Sylvie Lamsens, Viktoria Toth, Jotte Verrept


The current pier in Blankenberge was built in 1933 to a design by Jules Soete. It was constructed in concrete and protrudes 350 metres into the North Sea. For years, the pier has been struggling with concrete rot and is supported by piles of sand. In 2013, we were commissioned to draw up a management and restoration plan for the gangway, including the windbreaks and the pavilions on the abutment. The current, new design looks sleek and slender and deviates minimally from the original model. The entire gangway will be made of white concrete and finished with black accents. During the works, a double dam will be constructed around the pier, so that the main volume remains accessible.

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