Heilig Hart church

Religious buildings

Restoration and redevelopment of the Heilig Hart church building in Sint-Amandsberg (Ghent).


completed - 2024




city of Ghent in collaboration with sogent


Mieke Goegebuer, Rudy Janssens, Chloë Raemdonck

In collaboration with

De Smet Vermeulen architecten


Together, B-juxta and De Smet Vermeulen architecten drew up a design that gives the Heilig Hart church a new future as a meeting place for the neighbourhood.

The design opens up the side walls of the church and places glass walls behind the façade. This results in a covered gallery that creates a visual connection between square, church and garden. The ground floor will house a community solidarity restaurant, a neighbourhood kitchen and a neighbourhood living room, while the former sacristies and choir will be transformed into a space for small-scale activities. In addition, the church will have a new floor where larger activities can take place.

The renovation and restoration are taking place with respect for the architecture and history of the church. Wherever possible, the existing, colourful tile floors are being retained or tiles are being recovered to form new patterns. The covered outdoor areas, professional kitchen, sanitary facilities and changing rooms receive new ceramic tiles. In the church's choir, the lighting is retained and the beautiful cupboards in the sacristies are preserved as well.

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