Industrial heritage

Restoration of two telescopic gasholders that make the industrial character of the site visible and form part of an urban development.


Gentse Monumentenprijs, nomination in the category ‘public projects’ - 2022


1st prize


completed - 2021




City of Ghent


Jan De Kesel, Mieke Goegebuer, Sylvie Lamsens, Helena Mullie, Astrid Ossieur, Anneleen Stevens

Along Gasmeterlaan in Ghent, two of the five gasholders of the former city gasworks (1883-1945) are still preserved in situ. These gasholders are of the telescopic type: in a brick tub with an earthen wall rests an outer metal ring and an inner metal bell. When filled with gas, depending on the amount, the bell will first rise along the vertical metal guide system and then also along the outer ring. The water in the vessel and the water seal between the bell and the outer ring act as a gas lock to prevent the gas from escaping.

Learn more about city gas supply and its storage at the Industry Museum's website.

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